Jacksonville Home Cleaning Tips For Oven Cleaning: Take a look at these 5 oven cleaning tips


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The long domestic cleaning can`t move on without cleaning the oven or the gas stove. These two objects usually see the heaviest stains and kitchen dirt such as dried greasy spots, food crumbs, etc. Not to mention that the microwave is another thing that requires at least half an hour for deep cleaning and polishing. Take a look at the following 5 oven cleaning tips:

Tip 1: Clean the oven in parts. Remove as much parts as possible. Detach the racks and the shelves, and if it is possible - the door. One, you will have plenty of room for an easier cleansing of the interior of the oven and two - it will be easier to deep clean the detached parts. Make a quick inspection for visual stains. Take into account their color and location, because there may be needed just a quick spot cleaning instead of a lot of rubbing and applying numerous compounds. The grits and the shelves require individual cares, but in all cases - it is much easier to clean more parts individually instead of trying to get through narrow spaces or within two dirty shelves.

Tip 2: Try to keep your home clean with homemade detergents. The oven is not an exception. Most kitchen appliances can be deep cleaned even with typical products that you can find in the kitchen. From hot water with dish detergent, to baking soda, white vinegar and lemon juice in the form of a foam - you can take advantage of a truly strong detergent depending on how much you`re mixing. Such as homemade solution can be used for dissolving dried kitchen grease from butter, tomato sauce, coffee spills and more. This homemade solution is not dangerous for the metal surfaces, while in the meantime, the lemon juice spreads out a pleasant aroma. It acts as a sanitizing agent and as a deodorizer at once to repel future odors.

Tip 3: Soak up the parts from the oven or from the stove in the detergent compound in order to enhance the dissolving power. This is an especially useful tip for heavily soiled parts such as metal shelves with coils. The dried kitchen grease is so hard that it can`t be wiped off with the brush. However, only a couple of hours or even less might be enough to soften the dried spot and to make it easier for wiping off with just a sponge. Meanwhile, you can deal with a number of other objects during the house cleaning.

Tip 4: Clean the inner compartments of the stove and the oven, as well as the outer ones. They may include and not only, the lights and the ventilation systems, as well as knobs, buttons and others. The handles should also be sanitized and cleaned properly, especially if you do it more rarely like once a year. Make sure to use only non-toxic detergents if you prefer the stronger, commercial ones. Don`t forget to leave the doors open for a few hours right after the cleaning, which will enhance the drying time. Another great tip is to use paper towels to wipe off the excess moisture and drops.

Tip 5: Use a grooming brush when cleaning the coils of the grit and the shelves. The fibers of the brush can get through the hidden spots, which makes the oven cleaning much easier. Finish by polishing the metal surfaces with a special protective wax for metals. It acts as a sealer and it repels from future stains.

In closing, it could be hard to find time to deep clean the oven in the midst of many activities taking place during this fourth quarter. Therefore, if you cannot find time to clean the oven or if you are not fully comfortable cleaning your own kitchen or other kitchen appliances (such as fridge, etc.), you can always contact us, Jessie's House & Carpet Cleaning 1.877.CLEANING and we'll take care of all your kitchen cleaning service needs in Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, Nocatee, Julington Creek, Orange Park, Saint Augustine Beach, and all Northeast Florida. We are here to serve you and to contribute to you having a great home environment available to entertain your special guests this season.

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