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After the big house cleaning, which usually includes everything from the carpets to the ceilings, you probably want to add a little bit of a renovated highlight to the home atmosphere. The following 10 tips and advice will help you to jazz up your home with fresh carpet textures, new scents, natural lights, and more. Take a look!

Tip 1: Sanitize the most frequently used rooms - the kitchen and the bathroom. The treatments during a regular home cleaning are not enough to eliminate all bacteria and germs that hide between the grout lines on the walls. Sanitize the sink and the mirrors too. Then, spend a few more hours for sanitizing the kitchen and especially the counter top and the sink. Sanitize thoroughly the chrome parts, which will guarantee a longer lasting shine.

Tip 2: Deodorizing is the next important tip. It is the most important final touch of every house cleaning if you have kids or pets at home. It is also required if you let your guests and friends to enter without taking their shoes off, or if you let your cats and dogs to sit on the furniture. All these factors are the main issues for the appearing of unwanted odors. Not to mention the table and the adjacent areas in the dining room, which are most vulnerable to kitchen odors.

Tip 3: Jazz up the carpet fluffiness. Even the most thoroughly cleaned carpet with homemade detergents and tools needs a couple of passes with the vacuuming machine. It will help reduce the moisture left from the wet cleaning, as well as restores the fluffiness of the fibers to make them looking like new.

Tip 4: Enhance the light. Clean the windows so they can easily wash light through the very heart of the house. Another great tip is to change the curtains, which usually get dirty or they lose the texture with the time. Don`t forget to clean the window frames and finish by wiping off dust from the lights fixtures to ensure the perfect artificial light in the nighttime.

Tip 5: Introduce new scents in your home. Every house after deep cleaning looks like new and refreshing but there is nothing to beat the feel that one gets from just walking through the house, than a new fragrance. Plant pots with flowers and fruits in the spring, so they can flourish in the warm summertime. What better way to get a true natural scent out of a decorative pot!

Tip 6: Put decorative candlesticks all around the house and use ones with artificial scents. For instance, use candlesticks with essential oils. They spread out a very pleasant aroma over time, as well as quite longer lasting.

Tip 7: Rotate carpets and rugs. When you receive your carpets from the carpet cleaning company - a great idea is to flip them on their backings. Thus, you expose a new side to the foot traffic, keeping the other side clean for a longer time. Rotating carpets and rugs is the same, but it is more suitable for carpets with only one side.

Tip 8: Change the clothes in the closet according to the season. Change the blankets as well. Do not forget to deodorize the closet with a new scent to enhance the atmosphere even more.

Tip 9: Get rid of the useless items, such as waste materials from the house cleaning, old newspapers, broken furniture, etc. From donation, to selling them or hoarding in a rental storage unit – there are numerous ways to help clean the house by getting rid of the useless items.

Tip 10: Rearrange the furnishings. Whether it comes to small or big changes – it will add points to all other activities for the enhancement of the after-cleaning home atmosphere.

In closing, it could be hard to find time to clean your home in the midst of many activities taking place during this fourth quarter. Therefore, if you cannot find time to clean your home or if you are not fully comfortable cleaning your house, you can always contact us, Jessie's House & Carpet Cleaning 1.877.CLEANING and we'll take care of all your home cleaning service needs in Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, Nocatee, Julington Creek, Orange Park, Saint Augustine Beach, and all Northeast Florida. We are here to serve you and to contribute to you having a great home environment available to entertain your special guests this season.

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