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Here in Jacksonville, home cleaning is a demanding chore that requires a lot of time and effort. If your schedule is tight, you might not have enough time to pay attention to your children and get to house clean as an important part of your housekeeping chore. Trying to decide on which activity to engage in should no longer be a problem, if you consider getting your children involved in cleaning. In this challenging home cleaning situation, time is of the essence, and time management skills are essential to perform effectively and efficiently.

Even if you have never considered the idea before, it is worth it to do so now. Although you may think the idea is a recipe for disaster, or that you will never be able to get your children to help, there are in fact proven benefits and methods to make it happen. Indeed, teaching your children on some home cleaning lessons from young age can be especially important for them, as it will ensure they are more responsible when it comes to such chores in the future. There are plenty of examples of college age adults that lack home cleaning and organizing skills and their dorms and/or dwelling places reflect such less than perfect home cleaning proficiency.

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Before you learn more of the reasons why it's a good idea and how to make it happen, you need to approach cleaning with children responsibly. You cannot expect your children to perform like professional cleaners so it's important to implement this activity with care and patience. The following tips aim to provide you with information on how to make this happen:

- Do it for the lessons and skills it helps children develop - while it may seem boring and tiresome at times, cleaning is an activity that keeps your home sanitized and the environment in it clean. This is one very important reason why you need to teach your children to love the idea of cleaning, even when they prefer other activities. Furthermore, home cleaning will help your children develop time management and problem solving skills, which is very important and valuable. Once they learn the process, these skills are applicable in just about any other project they may encounter in life.

- Make home cleaning fun - even though cleaning is normally not associated with fun times, there are many ways to turn it into such activity. Children will be very pleased to participate in various cleaning games you organize, such as collecting all clothes in a basket, or playing beauty contests with various cleaning outfits. By keeping them engaged in such activities may lead to sustainable/permanent interest. Such small contests will not only spark their interest, but also keep them involved in home cleaning for a long period of time.

- Turn home cleaning to a positive experience - by making it fun for your children to participate in cleaning, you ensure that they will in fact be more than willing to take part and possibly join you next time without you even suggesting it. The way you do this is by playing music in the background, dancing as you perform cleaning duties, introducing various interesting cleaning tools, mixing green cleaning solutions, getting family, neighbors, and friends involved, and more.

- Be realistic about it - you cannot possibly expect your children to take on difficult tasks such as carpet cleaning. This is a task that only you as a parent should be responsible for. Instead, aim for something simple with them, such as decluttering a room, or helping you set and clean the table. Always supervise the cleaning process, in order to ensure everything goes right.

It is definitely worth it to try out home cleaning with your children. You want your children to have the basic skills to live in a clean and organized environment (there may be times when hiring a cleaning service may not be an option). With a little effort, they can learn these skills in no time. You will find that it is quite a pleasant experience, as you spend more time with them and also take some tasks off your shoulders. It's a win – win situation. You would be surprised how many times we've been cleaning a home and a child has volunteered to become part of the cleaning team by dusting, wiping, moving items, etc.

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