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by Jessie Mill
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Inviting guests over for a Cinco de Mayo celebration can be simple and having a clean home is significantly important. We know you want your house to sparkle and smell fresh for los invitados! While there are lots of online resources to help you decide which Mexican foods to prepare just right, Jessie’s House & Carpet Cleaning offers excellent cleaning services for before and after la fiesta!

The carpets may need a fresh clean during the spring season, in particular if you have kids and furry family members. We offer carpet deodorizing and pet odor removal for creating a favorable aroma. Contact us today to revitalize your carpet.

Activities concerning this holiday center around food and having a clean kitchen is essential. Cleaning your kitchen before and after cooking is a good starting point. Jessie’s professional cleaning services will help you cut through grease and remove tough stains, making it an invaluable service when doing a lot of cooking or making fresh salsa. Our antibacterial cleansing action is used to sanitize and totally clean your kitchen. Our quality products, with light, fresh fragrance will leave your kitchen ready for a Cinco de Mayo fiesta.

To get bathrooms ready for visitors, our quality cleaning services kill 99.99% bacteria and viruses, help prevent mold and mildew. If you want to keep the baño in tip-top shape for your guests, call Jessie’s today 1-877-CLEANING.

Home Cleaning Services
Our 15-year residential cleaning service system used by our team can provide you with the best quality home cleaning services possible, focusing on deep cleaning for your home or apartment, including deep cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, storage rooms and every other space imaginable.

Our Minimum Price = $99

Carpet Cleaning Services
Jessie's House & Carpet Cleaning Jacksonville FL uses professional and very powerful truck-mounted equipment to handle the toughest stains and odors in your home. And, also portable units to service those properties in extremely high locations (condos, apartments, etc.).

Our Minimum Price = $99

by Jessie Mill
Marketing Manager
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8/25/2015 05:55:01 am

Making your home clean is not an easy thing to do. Perhaps it is the most difficult thing in my opinion as in one home there are different people used to live in it but only one or two are the ones who have to makes their home clean. So that people must use appropriate detergent and vacuums to clean their home.

8/25/2015 06:16:31 am

Thank you for your comment. You are right, cleaning a home the right way is not an easy job. Deep cleaning is time consuming and physically challenging. However, a clean home is a beautiful home.

8/31/2015 11:36:55 pm

The biggest benefit of education is that it turns the people to good will, ethics, and tolerance, maintains cleanliness, provides justice, develop respect for the elders and affection and care for the younger ones. Such a society always prospers.

1/28/2016 09:53:38 am

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