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1. Credit Cards

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2. Paypal

Click on the Paypal link and log into your Paypal account.

3. Cash

Please try to have exact amount as our cleaning consultants don't carry any cash.

4. Checks

Make your checks out to "Jessie's House Cleaning"

5. Gift certificates. It's easy to give the gift of a cleaning service. Purchase an e-certificate online by making your payment through Paypal (amount should be based on the service needs) and then printing your certificate from our website and delivering it to the person that will eventually use it. Or just saving it and then emailing it to your loved one.  

6. Tips

You may tip our cleaning consultants directly, include it in the check or include it in your credit card payment.


Important information: 

Payment is due immediately after services are rendered. Non-payment will result in your account being sent to our Collections/Legal Department for collection.

There is a $50 cancellation fee for cancellations without a 48-hour notice.

There is a $50 insufficient funds check fee and your account will be sent to our Collections/Legal Department. 

Weekends and holidays rates are higher than regular weekday rates. 

Cannot use promotional rates (coupons, sales, etc.) during weekends or holidays. 

Must mention promotion at time of scheduling appointment to get promotional rate (not later). 

We reserve the right to adjust prices upon visual inspection. Also, reserve the right to refuse any job without any explanation. 



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